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Solutions for Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

iHAT Solutions

We can help you manage the life cycle of your water and wastewater infrastructure. Build, design, and operate raw water transmission, treatment, and distribution systems to deliver potable water or sanitation systems to collect and convey sewerage and storm runoff for treatment.

Our multi-discipline design solution will help you design and build better treatment plants. Our solution to plan, design, model, and analyze networks will help you to build better transmission and distribution systems

Our Services

  • Design and analyze water distribution systems
  • Plan urban sewer projects
  • Design wastewater collection systems
  • Model network performance
  • Create master plans for water, wastewater, or stormwater networks
  • Perform urban stormwater management projects
  • Monitor and assess condition and performance of assets
  • Respond appropriately to outages and other emergencies
  • Design, build, and operate treatment facilities

Renewable Energy News That Matters.

iHAT News And Events.

Serving as green solutions innovation leaders who are accelerating the green energy systems transition and helping to drive sustainable for growth for businesses and economies in equitable ways.

UN Organizations Launch Clean Energy Plan

Against the backdrop of a global energy crisis and worsening climate emergency, today the UN …

iHAT Africa Public Announcement

iHAT AFRICA intends to develop and integration project for poultry production and renewable energy generation in the town ofZalala.

Geothermal Energy Production & Utilisation

Geothermal energy can be found all over the world, how feasible its utilisation is…

‘First-of-its-kind’ study to test geothermal energy

Geothermal is a type of renewable energy taken from heat that comes from the earth’s subsurface, ..

iHAT collects and shares reliable information from various sites including , IREANA International Renewable Energy Agency →