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Commercial Benefits

iHat Solutions

  • Low cost to maintain the product, just add Distilled water
  • Longer Engine & Filter life
  • Annual Reduction in
    Maintenance cost
  • Payback in less than a year
    depending on application
  • Diesel fuel burn is more
    efficient due to “hydrogen
    assisted” burn.
  • Maintains all OEM engine
  • Fuel consumption reduced by
  • Increases Engine Horsepower &
  • EGR valve and DPF filter life.
    Same-day installation minimizes downtime.
  • Significant Reduction in GHG
    and Carbon Footprint
  • Eligible to earn Carbon-Offset
  • Credits via ISO-14064-2

Healthier Future

  1. A decreases in harmful exhaust emissions, giving you cleaner breathable air.

2.  A significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. (CO,CO2,NOx,HC,SO2,NO,PM,VOC,CH4,SF6, and PFC)

How Does it Work?

It’s a process of electrolysis separating water, hydrogen and oxygen by applying an electric current.
When hydrogen is introduced into the combustion chamber of any internal combustion engine, the hydrogen enhances the air and fuel mix leading to an almost complete burn of the fuel.
This causes a significant decrease in the input of GHGs and a reduction in fuel consumption.

1 Step Simple Installation

The only modification required, to any existing internal combustion engine, is a small hole in the air intake manifold, which allows the flow of hydrogen gas into the combustion chamber.

Incident/Injury Free Product

As Hydrogen is produced on demand and only when the engine is in run mode, the requirement of onboard storage tanks is eliminated. In addition, the hydrogen gas remains below 1% PSI at all times –making this technology absolutely Safe, Incident and Injury Free.

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